Oversikt Neste


gfx The shop was built as an extension of the house in 1843. The shelves and the counter have not been changed since then. From 1847 and a few years on the local post office was here too. In the shop like this customers could buy all kind of goods, Both for household, fishing or farming. The items that are exhibited Here today date mostly from the first part of our own century. Among the goods are some war-time ( 1940-1945 ) products made From unusual materials. Like shoes made out of paper and fish skin, Or a lady’s handbag made out of paper.


Museet i Mælandsgården, v/ Skudenes Historielag, N-4280 SKUDENESHAVN. Tlf. +47 52 84 54 60
Web: Tor Magne Johannessen, 20(C)04.

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