Forrige Oversikt Neste


gfx You have now come from the side wing of Mælandsgården and over in the main part of the building. Until 1960 this was the home of the merchant-family Christensen-Mæland. The different rooms have been furnished to look as they did when they were inhabited.

The part of the building that this room belongs to was built in 1843. The furniture that is here today is mostly from the 1920s, while the textiles are from the late century. On the bed are coverlid (crochet-work), a nightgown and a bag for keeping the nightgowns in. A bib for breast-feeding is placed in the cradle.

By the door there is an iron-stove made at Ulefoss in Telemark. Note that there are small cooking plates for each section. The wallpapers here are the only originals ones preserved in Mælandsgården. They have been painted (from a salon) and not printed like the wallpaper-copies In the other rooms.


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