Forrige Oversikt Neste


gfx The clock and some of the furniture in this room are made by the Dale Brothers. They worked as cabinet-makers and clockmakers in Skudenes in the first half of the 1800s. The youngest of the three, Didrik, was imprisoned in England during the Napoleonic wars. It is told that he learnt the clockmakers craft in the prison.

Several of the objects here have been bought abroad and brought to Skudeneshavn in the sailing-ship period. The chandeliers are probably from southern Europe. From Riga ( in present-day Latvia) comes the silver on the dining table And the punch-set at the buffet.

The stove comes from the former Falnes church, ( Alvaberg ), which was demolished In 1851. ( Skudeneshavn belongs to Falnes parish. ) Notice how the construction of the stove ensures that they would get as much Heat as possible from the smoke before it went up the chimney.

When filming the TV-series «Skipper Worse» ( based on the famous Norwegian Author Alexander Kielland`s books ), some of the interior-scenes Were shot in this room.


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