Forrige Oversikt Neste


Salting was done during fisheries in February/March. The herring was hoisted into the warehouses in large tubs. The workers ( mostly women ) First gutted the fish. Special nippers were used ( «ganetang» and «nippetang» as exhibited here )

The salting was done by putting layers of herring and layers of salt alternately into barrels. When marking the barrel for export the workers used stencils which they painted tar over.

To make the work of quicker, one stopped salting directly into the barrels around 1930. Instead the salting was done in wheelbarrows from which the salted herring got tipped into the large concrete basins on the ground floor. After a month or two, it was packed in barrels and exported. The herring-export of Skudeneshavn went mostly to the Baltic area. Once there were more than 100 salting-houses like this around the harbour.


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