Forrige Oversikt Neste


gfx In the 1870s he local herring fisheries failed, and many people from Skudeneshavn had to find other way of making a living. Going to Iceland to fish became one such solution. The Icelanders themselves were not very interested in herring, So it was possible for foreigners to get licence to fish there.

The early Iceland-fisheries were done with land-based nets. But in the 1880s the drift nets were introduced. From ca. 1902 local boats went to Iceland every year. The picture shows one of them: the cutter «Pascal» It was built in France in 1921, and was first used for cod-fisheries On the New Foundland coast. In 1936 it was bought to Skudenes. «Pascal» measured more than 100 feet, and was one of the largest of the Iceland-fleet. The sail boom exhibited here has belonged to it.


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