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gfxThe schooner brig «Hans Olsen» of Skudeneshavn was built in 1973. It journeyed all over the world, but it stroke ground and sank by Bokn (east of Karmøy) in 1905. The wreckage is still to be found there.

The map shows the ship’s journeys from may 1877 to January 1878. It took herring to Pernau, Estonia, corn from there to the Netherlands. It went north to Arkangelsk to take a cargo of timber to France. From Cette in the south of Franc, It went to the south of France, it took salt back to Karmøy. The salt would be used for salting more herring for export.

«Hans Olsen» had a crew of 8 men, including captain M.P.Midbøe.


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